Tutanota update: Your encrypted mailbox now shows unread emails per folder.

Release Notes 3.46.2: Unread emails, new language versions, improvements for the secure desktop clients.

We are happy to let you know that we have updated Tutanota: Your encrypted mailbox now comes with unread email counters per folder, you can use Tutanota in many more languages such as Arabic, Latvian, and Persian, and you can now check the version of Tutanota that you are using under Settings. Read the full post to see what features we have added and what is to come next.

Update for the Tutanota email client in general

Your updated Tutanota mailbox now shows the number of unread emails per folder. This was a highly requested feature also form our paying users. When you are using filters for incoming emails, you can now easily spot into what folder a newly arrived email has been moved. Unlock great features such as filters and extended search for your encrypted mailbox.

Thanks to our awesome translators, you can now use Tutanota in Arabic, Hindi, Latvian, Japanese or Persian in addition to the already supported languages. We are constantly adding more languages to the Tutanota translation project. Find out how to join here.

You can now also check in Settings -> Login what version of Tutanota your are currently using.

Updates for the Tutanota Desktop Client

We have also added minor improvements as well as bug fixes for the secure desktop clients for Linux, Mac OS and Windows:

  • The last closed windows' size & position is now remembered when opening a new window
  • Options to run client as tray app and start-on-login
  • Configuration for default downloads folder
  • We now catch and report unexpected errors in the main thread
  • The auto-updater no longer loads the updates multiple times in parallel
  • Cmd+H and Cmd+W shortcuts should now behave correctly on Mac OS
  • Context menu is more robust
  • Update Notification is clearer now

You can check all improvements added with this release on GitHub as well.

We invite you to check the Tutanota roadmap to see what we are currently working on and to start a discussion with our community on what features you like best and what features you would like to see next.