Celebrating One Year of Tutanota Premium - Thank You for Your Support!

This week we are celebrating our first Premium release one year ago. The low price for Premium of only 1 Euro per month immediately led to thousands of users upgrading, simply because they wanted to support our privacy-focused email service.

The ongoing success of Premium is amazing. We are very happy because your support allows us to continue developing Tutanota independently - without the need of taking money from typical investors. This is important because by remaining independent we can make sure that your secure email service is being developed with solely one focus: Fighting for your right to privacy.

We make sure that your data is always encrypted and that it cannot be touched by anyone.

If you haven't already, it is now time to upgrade to Premium yourself. By doing so you speed up the development of Tutanota because we invest all income from Tutanota Premium in employing more developers. Simply register a free Tutanota email account and upgrade once you are logged in by clicking on 'Premium' in the top menu bar.

With Tutanota Premium, you:

  • can add users
  • will get 5 aliases
  • can use your own domain or a Tutanota domain
  • can send unlimited emails
  • can define inbox rules.

Please find more details about Premium here.

We cannot thank our Premium users enough! Your support has enabled us to develop a truly privacy-focused email service that we are developing as open source software. We work hard to keep up to your expectations and to deliver to you the most secure and most reliable email service. Thank you so much!

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