Tutanota Wins IT Security Award 2015 for Best Web Security!

We are very happy to having received the IT Security Award 2015 in the category Web Security. This makes us very happy and also proud.

Our secure email service Tutanota encrypts all user data automatically in the browser, thus, it increases the security compared to standard webmail services enormously. Only the user can access their data while we as the provider can not decrypt anything. The IT Security Award shows that easy-to-use, secure solutions like Tutanota are very needed to increase everbody's security online.

After having received this award we would like to thank all our users who have made this success possible. Our quickly growing user base gives us very valuable feedback and also a lot of motivation to establish one of the most secure email services to date. Today already 37 percent of all outgoing emails from Tutanota are end-to-end encrypted. As many users convince their friends to also sign up for Tutanota, we are confident that this number will rise much further.

With Tutanota we finally have an option to prevent mass surveillance by encrypting everything by default. This makes us very happy.

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