Introducing Teams subscription

We've added the Teams subscription to let you upgrade your entire team or family easier.

At Tutanota we are continuously adding features to enable you to bring your entire family or team to our secure email and calendar service. To mirror this trend, we have now added a Teams subscription, which lets you book a group subscription with one click.

Teams subscription

The new Teams subscription contains 10 GB of storage, 5 aliases, and the sharing feature for all users.

Since this change, you can book the following subscriptions as a private user:

Tutanota private subscriptions.

As a business user, you can book these subscriptions:

Tutanota business subscriptions.

This change also includes the addition of the sharing feature to the Pro subscription, which raises the price of Pro by 12€ per user. However, if you have booked Pro prior to this change, the sharing feature is not yet included in your bundle, and the price therefore remains unchanged.

Subscription bundles for easier registration

Tutanota comes with a very affordable and flexible pricing structure to allow you to book exactly the features you need.

We have composed the subscription bundles for private and business users to allow a faster and easier upgrade to several features that are commonly booked together.

Nevertheless, Tutanota lets you book each feature separately if you prefer. To help you further understand our pricing structure and how booking a couple of features makes up the monthly or yearly price, we are providing a pricing calculator.

Thank you very much for your support.

What we do with your money

At Tutanota we grow organically with the help of our paying users. The more people choose one of our paid subscriptions, the more developers we can add to the team to improve your encrypted email and calendar service faster.

This business model works very well: We are already employing nine people here in Hanover and are looking for more. Join our team and fight with us for our right to privacy!