Say 'Merry Christmas' with Tutanota gift cards!

This Christmas you can give privacy with Tutanota gift cards.

The holiday season is starting and we have the perfect gift idea for you: Tutanota! You can now give privacy by purchasing Tutanota gift cards for your family and friends. Claim up to 10 gift cards now and make sure everyone gets a secure mailbox in 2021.

Give privacy

You and us, we already know why privacy matters and that everyone needs secure and private email. Yet, sometimes it is hard to make people give up their old email habits and to start fresh with an encrypted mailbox.

That's why we have enabled gift cards! Now you can give privacy and let everyone enjoy the benefits of a paid Tutanota account for free.

Here we explain how you can purchase and redeem Tutanota gift cards.

Top up your own account

Gift cards for Tutanota can also be used to top up your own account for the coming years. This way you can make sure to never miss a renewal payment.

Plus, you are supporting a great team that works hard to improve Tutanota.

Improved email display in dark mode

With the gift card release, we are also releasing a couple of bug fixes and improvements. For instance, up to now some emails in dark mode were displayed with a white background. We have improved color detection now so that most emails are being displayed with a dark background. In some cases, however, the background must remain white to enable you to read the colored text.

You can check the full release notes here.

More privacy-related presents

In case you are looking for more privacy-related presents, check out our Tutanota fan shop (Europe) or Tutanota fan shop (USA & world).