Get Your Secure Mail Account on Mobile with Our iOS & Android Apps

Our open source Android and iOS apps make end-to-end encrypted on mobile incredibly easy. For a maximum of privacy, you can get the Android app directly from our website so that you do not depend on Google services.

Get the Tutanota app via F-Droid, Google Play or the Apple Store. By installing our app you can receive push notifications even when you are logged out. This way you can make sure that no one can get access to your secure emails, and still be able to receive new messages instantly.

Your Tutanota apps are already available in 20 languages. If you would like to add your language, join our translation project and help us in bringing privacy to the world.

App features:

  • Fully encrypted mailbox and contacts.
  • End-to-end encrypted emails to anybody.
  • Automatic end-to-end encryption between users.
  • Open source for allowing third party verification of the encryption technology.
  • Zero-knowledge: We as the provider have no access to the encrypted data, any profiling is impossible.

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