Tutanota Now Supports Several Cryptocurrencies for Donations

Payment support with cryptocurrencies is planned

We are very happy to announce that we have started integrating cryptocurrency support to Tutanota! In a first step, you can now donate to Tutanota with Bitcoin, Ether, Bitcoin Cash and Monero. We will now test payment processing and how easily we can automate the processing of crypto payments. Then we will add an option to also pay for Tutanota with cryptocurrencies.

You can support our open source encrypted email service and help us to decide what cryptocurrencies we should add to Tutanota as a payment option by donating to Tutanota with your favorite cryptocoin.

We at Tutanota have always been in support for cryptocurrencies because we welcome the idea of a decentralized payment method that works independent of centralized payment processors such as banks or credit card institutions.

Anonymous payment option for anonymous email service

We very much welcome the idea of an anonymous payment option as well. With Tutanota we want to provide an anonymous email service for journalists, whistleblowers and human rights activists who need the extra protection they get from the built-in encryption of Tutanota.

Why it takes so long to add cryptocurrency support

We had planned to add cryptocurrency support for paying for Tutanota already in 2017 as paying users can benefit from many additional features with our extended Premium and Pro plans.

However, we had to postpone adding cryptocurrency support as we realized that we had to rebuild our encrypted email client from scratch to improve performance, design and for being able to add new features at a faster pace.

Our new client as well as the new Android app are now in beta, the iOS app update will follow soon. You can get the brand-new beta versions of Tutanota with much improved features here.

During that time - 2017 and 2018 - the cryptocurrency market experienced an astounding development with Bitcoin prices rising to above $20.000 at times and with lots of new currencies entering the market.

While this is a very exciting development, it does not make it easier for us to add cryptocurrency support to Tutanota. Over the past few years, we came to realize that there is not only a demand for enabling Bitcoin payments, but for other currencies as well.

What cryptocoins to add?

We have asked the community via this tweet and via this Reddit post whether they would like us to support Ether, Bitcoin Cash or Monero in addition to Bitcoin.

Unfortunately, this poll was not very revealing as all currencies received between 16 and 27 percent support. There were also a lot of comments that we should support Litecoin and Verge.

Tutanota now accepts Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ether & Monero

For now, we have decided to accept all coins from the poll - Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ether and Monero - for donations. This is the first step in adding full cryptocurrency support to Tutanota.

We plan to use these donation wallets to gain experiences in how to handle payments with these cryptocoins and how to process payments automatically.

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