Secure Mail Service Tutanota Ends Beta After One Year of Testing

Release Notes 1.9

After one year of beta testing we are now ready to strip off the diapers! Today Tutanota is leaving its beta phase with the release of brand-new domains:,, and Now you can add one free alias to your account.

After having put our systems through an extensive beta phase, we are confident that the system is secure. We are grateful that we are backed by a thriving open source community, who have translated our service into 20 languages already. We are amazed by the support we have received since our open source release on September 2nd 2014 and we are excited about where our journey will take us and where we are going to be one year from now! Our aim is to give everybody the chance to protect their emails easily from modern mass spying. This is why Tutanota will remain forever free with 1 GB of free storage.

With this release we publish the following features:

  • Register an email address with,,,, or
  • Add one free email alias to every registered email address under Settings
  • Minor UI improvement (delete button)
  • Added the languages Finnish, Lithuanian, Macedonian and Serbian.
  • Set default state of confidential button under Settings
  • Fixed bugs

Up next:

  • Spam filter
  • Custom domains
  • Premium features
  • Synchronization of emails and contacts between browsers / devices

We hope that you share our passion for privacy. Please tell us what you like and what we should develop next via Facebook or Twitter.

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