Say 'Merry Christmas' with Tutanota gift cards!

This Christmas you can give privacy with Tutanota gift cards.

The holiday season is starting and we have the perfect gift idea for you: Tutanota! You can easily give privacy by purchasing Tutanota gift cards for your family and friends. Claim up to 10 gift cards now and make this New Year's Resolution all about increasing your friend's and families' privacy.

Give privacy

You already know why privacy matters and that everyone needs secure and private email. Yet, sometimes it is hard to convince people to give up their old email habits and to start fresh with an encrypted mailbox.

That's why Tutanota offers gift cards! Now you can give privacy and let everyone enjoy the benefits of a paid Tutanota account for free.

Here we explain how you can purchase and redeem Tutanota gift cards.

Top up your own account

Gift cards for Tutanota can also be used to top up your own account for the coming years. This way you can make sure to never miss a renewal payment.

Plus, you are supporting a great team that works hard to improve Tutanota.

More privacy-related presents

In case you are looking for more privacy-related presents, check out our Tutanota fan shop. The link leads to the American shop, but you can change it to your country easily by altering the domain ending to, de, .fr, and many more.

A recap on 2021

In 2021 we were very busy training and onboarding our new developers as well as adapting to our fast growth overall.

Upgrade infrastructure

Due to an increased influx of users, we needed to update our architecture and infrastructure to also prepare for the growth to come.

We are currently completely rebuilding our cluster, distributed database and backbone and are preparing probably the biggest migration of encrypted data ever done.

Tutanota improvements

In parallel to the infrastructure update, we were also very busy improving Tutanota in regards to features and usability. In 2021 we have added the following features:

  • Drag & drop for calendar events
  • Minimized mail editor
  • Autoresponder/Out of office notification
  • Template feature
  • Option to always block/load external images from sender
  • Better spam reporting and classification
  • Unlock saved credentials with PIN/biometrics on iOS & Android
  • Enable custom themes on mobile and desktop clients
  • Simple mode for whitelabel color chooser
  • Added blue theme
  • Performed a comprehensive security review of the desktop clients
  • Pushed the desktop clients out of beta
  • OS integration, MAPI support in desktop clients (Send to..)
  • Spell checker in desktop clients
  • Drag & drop for export to .msg, .eml files (desktop clients)

Now we are working on offline mode and we are excited about all the upcoming features that we have planned. Please check our roadmap for details!

We are also constantly looking to grow our team. So if you are interested in joining us in our offices here in Hanover, please check our open positions!

Tutanota new offices.