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Tuta automatically encrypts all your data end-to-end which makes it the most secure email service.
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All Tuta clients are fully open source and can be audited by security experts.
We make sure that your communication stays confidential & that it can not be abused for tracking or personalized ads.

Stop being naked on the web! Protect your communication with encryption.

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Tuta FAQ

  • What is Tuta Mail?
    Tuta is the most secure email service. We are innovation leaders in encrypted communication: Like the encrypted chat app Signal we are already working on post-quantum secure encryption for Tuta. We are at the forefront of the privacy revolution by offering everyone in the world a private email account.
  • How do I create a secure email account?
    You can create your secure email account by signing up for Tuta for free or by choosing one of our paid plans. Tuta combines ease-of-use with automatic encryption to guarantee maximum security and privacy of your email account, your calendars and your contacts. Simply login to your new email account with your password and get started.
  • Can I create a free email address?
    Yes, you can create a free email address by selecting “Free” when signing up for Tuta. All security features like built-in encryption, session handling, no tracking and no ads are included in the free version. You don’t need to be tech-savvy to use private email with Tuta.
  • Can I create a custom domain email address?
    Yes, you can create an email account with your custom domain and an unlimited number of email addresses by selecting “Revolutionary” or “Legend” when signing up for Tuta. For a professional email address, please select “Essential”, “Advanced” or “Unlimited” when signing up for a Tuta business email account. All paid plans of Tuta come with great benefits such as more storage, additional email addresses, unlimited number of calendars, inbox rules, shared mailboxes, calendar sharing and event invites as well as autoresponders.
  • Is Tuta Mail more secure than Gmail?
    Yes, Tuta is the better email alternative compared to Gmail because Tuta protects your private communication with built-in encryption and enable you to send confidential emails. Tuta is known for respecting your right to privacy: there is no tracking, no profiling and no advertisement in Tuta.
  • Why is private email better than Gmail, Outlook or Yahoo?
    Tuta as a private and secure email service protects your data with automatic encryption. By switching to a private email provider like Tuta, you take back what is already yours: your data. With Tuta no one can use or abuse your data. That’s why private email is better than Gmail, Outlook or Yahoo email accounts.
  • Where are my secure emails stored?
    Your secure emails are stored on or own servers in ISO 27001-certified data centers in Germany and in full compliance with the GDPR. All data in Tuta is automatically encrypted so that only you can access your data. Not even we at Tuta can see your data.
  • Can I access my private emails when offline?
    Yes, you can access and decrypt your private emails, calendars and contacts in Tuta simply by accessing the Tuta apps on Android, iOS, Linux, macOS or Windows.