Best Outlook alternative: Comparing Microsoft Outlook vs Tuta Mail

MS Outlook is one of the best known email provider for businesses. But there are better alternatives to Outlook!

Key differences between Tuta & Outlook


Tuta Mail is one of the best alternatives to Outlook as it encrypts all data end-to-end: emails, contacts and calendars. Tuta Mail also comes with an easy-to-use feature to send end-to-end encrypted emails to any email address - even to Outlook - which is particularly valued by business users.


Tuta Mail offers all of the security features you would get with an Outlook email account like TOTP and U2F for second factor authentication, and GDPR-compliance by default, plus a few key additions like a no-log policy, no third-party captcha, all clients are open-source, and our servers are based in Europe. Due to its built-in encryption Tuta makes sure that your data is your data while Outlook has full access to your email content if the data is stored in the cloud and not on-premise.

The Tuta servers are based in Germany so that on top of the encryption, you can be sure that all data is kept GDPR-compliant while Outlook mainly uses US-based servers.

Business features and usability

Typically Outlook users are primarily focused on business email features and integrations with other enterprise tools. While Outlook offers more out-of-the-box integrations, Tuta’s business packages include all of the features like custom domains with an unlimited number of custom domain email addresses, option to customize with your branding, and multi-user support. Additionally, securing business communications with Outlook require using third-party add-ons, while Tuta Mail encrypts everything by default, which means better usability. All of these features make Tuta the best email service for businesses.


With Tuta all your data is stored on our own secure servers powered with 100% renewable energy. Our offices' electricity comes from a renewable energy provider that actively invests into building new facilities for producing renewable energy.


All Tuta Mail paid plans offer more features for a lower price compared to their Outlook counterparts.

Outlook vs Tutanota

What makes Tuta a great Outlook alternative is its focus on security, privacy and open source. Things that set Tuta apart from Outlook are top notch security features such as automatic encryption of all data and two factor authentication. At Tuta your data remains your data: We protect your privacy and make sure that you are not being tracked or profiled. We do not compromise on security and privacy - ever.

Encrypted transmission (TLS)
End-to-end encrypted email storage
End-to-end encryption of all internal emails
Easy end-to-end encryption to external recipients
End-to-end encrypted storage of all contact details
Encrypted email subject lines
TOTP for second factor authentication
U2F for second factor authentication
No third party captcha
No-log policy
Servers in Europe
No offices in the USA
Custom domains
Unlimited custom domain email addresses
Multi-user support
Email alias addresses
Whitelabel customizations
Encrypted calendar
Server IMAP support
Offline support in mobile & desktop clients
Inbox rules / smart filters
Conversation view
Access on any device
App on F-Droid
Own desktop clients
Zero-knowledge full-text search
Low starting price
Special offer for NPOs

Outlook vs Tuta Mail Summary

Tuta Mail is one of the best secure alternatives to Outlook. If you are looking to create an email address that keeps all your data safe, this is your go-to provider!

When it comes to choosing an email service, security and convenience are the two most important factors to consider. Outlook and Tuta Mail are two popular options, each offering its own unique features and benefits.

Outlook is a well-established email provider that has been around for many years. It is widely used by businesses and individuals alike, and is known for its comprehensive email, calendar, and task management features. However, when it comes to security, Outlook falls short in comparison to more other alternatives as it does not provide end-to-end encryption for emails by default. This means that if you're using Outlook for sensitive business communications, there is a risk that your emails could be intercepted or accessed by unauthorized parties.

While legacy email services like Outlook, Gmail and Yahoo Mail have been around for so long that many consider it the default, there are downsides to using aged technology: the most popular big tech email programs are vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

Focus on security & privacy

Compared to Outlook, Tuta Mail is a much better alternative as it was designed with security in mind and offers encrypted email as its main feature. Tuta uses end-to-end encryption for all of your information, which means that your emails are encrypted from the moment you send them, and are only decrypted when the recipient receives them. The same applies to all of the data related to your calendars. This provides an extra layer of security and peace of mind, especially for businesses that handle sensitive information. This makes Tuta a convenient all-in-one solution for your business email needs.

Create an Outlook email address?

Tuta Mail is a great option to consider as an Outlook alternative.

If you're looking to create an Outlook email address, consider an email service that prioritizes security and privacy instead. Tuta's many exclusive features make it the most secure email service all-around.

Switch to Secure Emails Today

Switch now and simply forward your emails to Tuta!

First of all: Register your personal Tuta email address.

Then follow these easy steps to forward all emails from Outlook to Tuta:

  1. Open Outlook in a browser and log in.

  2. At the top of the page, select 'Settings' -> 'View all Outlook settings'.

  3. Select 'Mail' -> 'Forwarding'.

  4. Select 'Enable forwarding'.

  5. Here you can enter your new Tuta email address to forward all incoming emails.

  6. Confirm your entry by clicking 'Save'.

From now on all emails sent to your Outlook account will be automatically forwarded to Tuta. You can inform important senders of your new Tuta email address and delete unimportant ones. This way, once you stop the auto-forward in Outlook, you will have a much cleaner inbox and get rid of all the unwanted newsletters that have accumulated over the last couple of years.

Welcome to the encrypted side!

No Tracking
With end-to-end encryption and 2FA, your emails have never been more secure. The built-in encryption guarantees that your mailbox belongs to you: Nobody can decrypt or read your data.
We Love Open Source

Tuta is open source so security experts can verify the code that protects your emails. Our Android app is Google-free making Tuta the best open source email service.

On Any Device
Our apps for iOS, Android & desktops let you send secure emails wherever you are. Our fast web client & apps make sure email encryption is a pleasant experience.

The secure Outlook alternative that respects your right to privacy.

The most thorough encryption features on the market, as well as two-factor authentication, session handling, phishing protection and much more make Tuta the best email service from a cyber security point of view.

In addition to its highly secure email service, Tuta also includes a built-in calendar and an optional contact form that’s easily integrated into your website, making it a convenient all-in-one solution for business email needs. This means that you can manage your emails, appointments, and tasks all in one place, without having to switch between different tools.

Tuta's end-to-end encryption and its user-friendly interface, which is designed to be simple and intuitive, makes it easy for anyone to get started. Whether you're a tech-savvy professional or a beginner, you'll be able to get up and running with Tuta quickly and easily. On the other hand, Outlook can be more complex and may require a steep learning curve for those who are unfamiliar with its features.

In terms of cost, both Outlook and Tuta offer free and paid plans. Outlook's free plan, Hotmail, is limited in terms of features and storage, while its paid plans offer more comprehensive email and calendar tools. On the other hand, Tuta's free plan is more generous, offering a decent amount of storage and a full range of security features. For businesses, Tuta's paid plans are competitively priced and offer a range of features that are suitable for small, medium and large organizations at lower costs than Microsoft Outlook.

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