Sustainability at Tuta

Embracing Sustainability: Tuta's Commitment to a Greener Future

Going green matters

In today's climate crisis, the importance of sustainability cannot be overstated. As we strive to build a more secure and private email service at Tuta, we also recognize the imperative to protect our environment for future generations. That's why we have made sustainability a core pillar of our operations, ensuring that our users can enjoy an email experience that is not only secure but also environmentally responsible.

Tech companies can and should advance sustainability

Technology companies are seeing an increased demand from investors, stakeholders, customers and employees. As a result, we’re now seeing 83 percent of global technology companies reporting on sustainability.

The technology industry, perhaps more than any other sector, has the resources, visibility and influence in our daily lives to be the leader and catalyst on climate change issues.

Today, 70 percent of technology companies report carbon reduction targets. Several leading technology companies have made public proclamations of their goal to become carbon neutral by 2030. To become carbon neutral, companies often invest in decarbonization strategies such as distributed on-site renewable energy generation as well as direct integration with renewable producers to offset Scope 2 emissions by purchasing renewable energy certificates. Other strategies include utilizing carbon capture technology, continuing efforts to improve data center efficiency and entering into virtual power purchase agreements to offset carbon emissions.

Black-and-white diagram showing statistics on sustainability in technology sector.

Green tech is the future

Many of the big technology companies have become an integral part of consumers’ lives – both personally and professionally. This creates a heightened awareness of what those companies do – good or bad. Thanks to increased scrutiny and pressure from the public, the actions many technology companies have taken related to climate change may have a positive impact.

Additionally, technology companies are at the forefront of innovation and are often seen as first movers. From electric vehicles to solar panels, technology companies are focused on developing next-generation technologies, many of which will have a positive impact on our environment. Moreover, many decarbonization strategies are delivered through new technology.

As the world becomes increasingly aware of the urgent need to address climate change, businesses are under pressure to adopt sustainable practices. The technology industry, with its immense resources, visibility, and influence in our daily lives, has the potential to lead the charge in combating climate change.

While the technology sector has made progress in sustainability reporting, there is still work to be done to meet global standards. At Tuta, we believe that tech companies should strive to be environmental stewards and take proactive measures to reduce carbon emissions.

By embracing sustainability, technology companies can leverage their influence and resources to make a meaningful impact on climate change. From investing in decarbonization strategies to utilizing renewable energy sources, there are various avenues for tech companies to champion sustainable practices. Many leading technology companies have already set ambitious goals to become carbon neutral, underscoring the industry's commitment to creating a greener future.

The technology sector's influence lies not only in its economic power but also in its ability to drive innovation. Technological advancements have the potential to revolutionize our approach to sustainability, from developing clean energy solutions to enhancing energy efficiency. By harnessing the power of innovation and embracing sustainable practices, tech companies can spearhead the transition to a more environmentally friendly future.

Our sustainability journey

One of the key ways we prioritize sustainability is by ensuring that all your data is stored on our own secure servers powered by 100% renewable energy. By relying solely on renewable electricity, we reduce our carbon footprint and contribute to the global efforts to combat climate change. Additionally, our offices operate on electricity, that stems from a renewable energy provider, who actively invests in building new facilities for producing renewable energy. We believe that sustainability should permeate every aspect of our operations, from the services we provide to the resources we consume.

Green email is more than just a buzzword; it signifies a commitment to protect the environment and conserve valuable resources.

When you choose Tuta as your email provider, you are not only securing your mailbox with built-in encryption, but also actively contributing to a greener future. By using our service, you can rest assured that your private emails are also green, backed by our reliance on renewable electricity.

We announced our transition to 100% renewable electricity in March 2019. We had been attending the Fridays for Future protests together with our own children, and were extremely happy to finally be able to also do our share as a company.

In our offices we had already been using green electricity for a long time, but in March 2019 we helped convince our data center to also switch to renewable electricity.

All Tuta servers are owned by us and hosted in highly secure German data centers, which in the past did not use green energy. While we have asked them to switch to green electricity from the start, they did not change their electricity contract immediately. Finally, our data centers switched to renewables, possibly because our children were putting an increased pressure on companies with their Fridays for Future marches.

We are very happy that now all systems - the laptops of our developers as well as the email servers for your encrypted mailboxes - rely solely on green electricity. This makes Tuta's emails green, secure and private.

Support Fridays for Future

Using green electricity, however, is only a very small step for protecting our environment. That's why we call on our users to support Fridays for Future.

We as a business believe that all of us - also, and particularly - businesses must do their share to protect our environment and to reduce carbon emissions.

Renewable energy in Germany

In Germany, the quota of renewable energy is constantly rising.

Renewable energy in Germany in 2022 came from the following sources: 38.6% wind energy (onshore), 24.3% photovoltaic, 18.3% biomass, 9.8% wind energy (offshore), 6.8% hydrodynamic power, and 2.1% household refuse (recycling).

Join us on our journey

By providing an ad-free, secure, and green email service, we encourage users to make the switch and contribute to preserving our planet's resources. Together, we can create a more sustainable future, one email at a time.

At Tuta we are building the email service of the future: private and secure. It’s just as important to us to protect our environment, now and in the future. Switch to green email now and help preserve resources and protect the environment!

Secure, green and ad-free. Email to feel good about.