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Register a free Tuta account

Apply to get Tuta at a discount

To apply for the 50% discount, please contact our sales team from your organization's email address and provide the following information:

  • Short description of your NPO or school
  • Link to your website
  • Proof that you are a registered NPO or a school for general education

We will then send you a signup link for Tuta with the discount included. In case you already have a Tuta account you want to use for your NPO, please let us know the email address and we will configure the discount for that existing account.

How to create folders

In Tuta you can create an unlimited number of folders. Subfolders are currently not supported, but are planned for future release.

To add folders, please click the plus symbol next to 'Your Folders' in your mailbox. A pop-up opens where you can enter the folder name. The newly created folder will be sorted alphabetically under 'Your Folders'.

You can rename or delete existing folders by clicking on the three-dot button next to the folder.

How to register a Tuta account

You can sign up for a Tuta account in four easy steps.

  1. You choose one of the available free or paid subscriptions.

  2. You choose your new Tuta email address, set a password, and confirm that you have read our terms and privacy policy and that you are above 16 years old.

Then your account is being prepared. If applicable, you can add your custom domain later.

  1. You choose a payment method, enter your payment details and confirm. If you registered a free account, this step is not required.

  2. The last step is to make sure that you never lose access to your Tuta account: Tuta asks you to write down or print your recovery code. Please take the time to store your recovery code in a safe place. The recovery code is the only way to reset your password should you lose it in the future.

To get started, you need to pick one of the available Tuta domains for your account.

With any of the paid subscriptions, you can later add alias addresses and your custom domain to your new Tuta account.

Tuta uses its own Captcha so that we do not have to depend on using Google  Captcha. This enables us to offer an  open source email service without any links to Google

The Tuta Captcha shows a clock. If applicable, you need to enter the displayed time with four numerals, including the colon in the middle. If the displayed time is 8.30 for example, you have to enter 08:30 or 20:30 exactly.

More features at the tip of your finger!

Tuta protects your private data by building the most secure email service. We do not track or sell your data and do not post ads. If you share our mission of making the web more private and secure, please upgrade your Free Tuta account. You will not only support an amazing service, but you will also get lots of extra features.

Please note: Deletion of inactive accounts

Free of charge accounts are deleted after an inactive period of six months. A regular login is necessary to prevent automatic deletion.