Schau dir unsere Roadmap an, um zu sehen, was wir als nächstes zu Tuta hinzufügen werden.
#6579: Preview in email notification

When receiving a new email notification i want to be able to see some initial information from the received mail so i can decide if i should read email now or later.

#1756: Calendar Widget

As a user i want to be able to install a tuta calendar widget on the homescreen so that i can see upcomming events without opening the app.

#630: Email import

As a user I want to import my existing mailbox from a different provider into my Tutanota mailbox, so that I do not lose my old emails and do not have to maintain a second email account.

#1666: Advanced calendar event repeat rules

As a user i want to be able to define more advanced repeat rules so that i can be more flexible with defining repeating events.

#318: organize emails by tags/labels

I'm new in tutanota but the first thing I looked for in the UX is the ability to tag/label my mails.

#5051: Conversation in mail list

As a user I want to see a clear list of ongoing conversations in the list so that I don't have to scan through multiple mails that belong to the same conversation.

#1292: Single click email export

As a user i want to be able to export all the emails in my mailbox at once so that i don't have to go through each folder and select the emails.

#3443: Allow write access in offline mode

As a Tutanota user i still want to be able to do certain write operation while i am using the Tutanota application in offline mode. These actions should get synchronized after i am online again. Such actions are:

#6461: Use tuta as main address book provider.

As a user i want to use tuta as my main address book provider so that i can remove contacts from other providers that build a social graph out of my data.