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News Today
Application for reading news delivered via RSS feed.
Available in Portuguese only
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General Uploader
It is a simple application for shooting, index and send the photos to a server. Unlike other similar applications, with General Uploader you can upload to a private or company server, or site. The app sends via FTP or HTTP post. Some usage scenarios: -Send your photos already indexed for your own FTP server. -Send to a site via HTTP. Sometimes, a web site has a web application in which it receives data and files through a form, therefore, the part of File submission can be replaced by this app. -even that someone does not wish to send the photos, could use this app to index your photos (name them) before taking each photo in order to keep them more organized. Soon after shooting, the picture will be shown in order to be accepted or not. Ajuda
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Crazy Sliding Buttons
This application is a different game and, although resemble a sound mixer, produces no sound, it is a simple game in which you need memory, attention and patience. The objective is to slide the maximum of the fake mixer buttons up, obtaining points as buttons rise. However, sometimes, when climbing a button, another which was on top begins to descend (and lose points). It can be played in 5 levels of difficulty, including children in the easiest levels. In the current version, there are no record holders or even a game over, each player decides when he or she thinks reached the maximum and want to end. Challenge: can you tell the differences between levels? set: -Choose one button that you like best to play, as well as the bar and the background color. -Besides the level of difficulty, choose how many buttons you want to play, the more buttons the more difficult. The app has non invasive advertising, only on the home screen. Help
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New Game
New free game coming soon.